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Hand-Hewn & Sawn Barn Timbers

SKU - HHBT-101

Our vintage hand-hewn timbers, rich in character and texture, were reclaimed from the turn of the century barns and structures. The unique and weathered attributes of these historical beams are only enhanced by visible hewing marks. Hand-selected to ensure quality, these beams blend a structurally sound material and a raw element of nature that ideally complements any rustic or modern commercial design project.

Get in touch for further product details, to request samples, get a quote, or to schedule a meeting in our showroom. We would love to collaborate with you on the design vision of your next commercial project. 

Available Options: smooth or rough-face, sawn or hand-hewn 

Species: Oak & Eastern Hardwood

Common Sizes: 6x6 to 10x10 - 8' to 40'

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