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Exceptional Quality. Reclaimed. Sustainable. 

Old wood with history and a story to tell.

Contemporary Collection

In the nineteenth century, entire Hemlock forests were harvested for their precious bark by the tannery industry, leaving them naked, and the environmental impact was devastating. Once a giant in the timber forest, the Hemlock is a true survivor and the reason it is at the core of our Contemporary Collection. A gorgeous grain structure and history of stability are key reasons that we have committed to providing this neglected resource to the design industry. This unique material delivers the perfect raw element to even the most complex design visions. 

Reclaimed Wood Paneling Vintage White

Vintage White

Reclaimed Wood Paneling Vermillion


Reclaimed Wood Paneling Tobacco


Reclaimed Wood Panelling Chestnut Skip

Chestnut Skip

Reclaimed Wood Cinders


Legacy Collection

 Architectural marvels of their time, the barn served as the center of farm life. Today a new generation tells the story of the barn. A story of re-purpose, resurrection, and reclamation. The Legacy Collection is created from the siding of barns from the Midwest. A softwood blend of Longleaf Pine, Douglas Fir, and White Pine gives these a rich palate of patina brown sure to complement any interior design.

Reclaimed Wood Weathered Shanty

Weathered Shanty

Reclaimed Wood Claret
Reclaimed Wood Umber



Reclaimed Wood Oil Rubbed Umber
Reclaimed Wood Wired Chestnut
Reclaimed Wood Embers Char

Oil Rubbed Umber

Wired Chestnut

Embers Char

Reclaimed Wood Peacock


Reclaimed Wood Saffron


Reclaimed Wood Smoked


Reclaimed Wood Tobacco Barn

Tobacco Barn

Reclaimed Wood Natural


Derby Oaks Collection

Equestrian Farms dot the landscape in Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee lining the countryside and roads with miles of beautiful horse fencing. Here, the elements and time have created a one of a kind product rich in colors of aged white, grey and black. The beauty of this material alone immediately brings to mind an endless list of design possibilities. This durable material is a mix of red and white oak, making it ideal for creating high-performance design products built to endure.

Reclaimed Wood Whiskey Cask
Reclaimed Wood Cinder & Smolder
Reclaimed Wood Smooth Bourbon
Reclaimed Wood Blanched Oak

Whiskey Cask

Cinder & Smolder

 Smooth Bourbon

Blanched Oak

 Chimney Rock Collection

Whether the look you are wanting is rustic or modern, this perfectly imperfect material is ideal for your next project. Our wall cladding, with its unique characteristics and history, is milled from turn of the century barns, fences, and structures in Kentucky and Ohio. We have a large selection available in a range of sizes and textures. Contact us to see how we can help you achieve your design vision.

Reclaimed Wood Timber Wolf
Reclaimed Wood Buck Skin
Reclaimed Wood Autumn Harvest
Reclaimed Wood Kentucky Stud



Autumn Harvest

Kentucky Stud

Reclaimed Wood Prairie Plank
Reclaimed Wood Fall Fade
Reclaimed Wood Bluegrass Oak Medley

Prairie Plank

Fall Fade

Bluegrass Oak Medley

Get In Touch

Please contact our team for detailed pricing information, to get a quote, request samples, or to schedule a meeting in our showroom. We would love to collaborate with you on your next commercial project. 

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