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  • Decades-old and beautifully weathered. Once used as hayloft and granary boards, the rustic beauty of this old barn cladding is undeniable. Warm and inviting with its brown and natural shades, this material is the perfect complement to any design project.  


    Source: Reclaimed from midwestern barns and fences.

    Species: Pine

    Colors: Naturals/Browns

    Net Dimensions:  2 1/2" to 4 1/2" random widths, 1' to 5' random lengths, 5/8" thick.  

    Profile: Straight edge. Shiplap or tongue and groove available.

    Finish: Most products are pre-finished and do not have a polyurethane or stain applied to them. 

    This material has been kiln dried and fully processed.

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