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Wood Beam Casings

SKU - WBC-102

There is an undeniable allure to a design, whether rustic or modern, when raw elements from nature, like wooden beams, are incorporated. People are naturally drawn to their refined, rustic appeal. From an architectural and design perspective however, utilizing solid wooden beams in the scope of a commercial project can be challenging when considering installation. Wood beam casings, or box beams, can be used to wrap or disguise existing structural components providing an ideal, lightweight alternative for designs that require less structural support yet demand a rustic styling aesthetic.


Using the best remaining elements, our wood beam casings are made from reclaimed barn timbers. Customized to size and available in both rough and smooth face, box beam casings deliver the same rustic allure as a solid beam without the extra weight. 


Species: Oak & Eastern Hardwood


Contact us to request samples, get a quote, or to schedule a meeting in our showroom. We would love to collaborate with you on the design vision of your next commercial project.  

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